Why Hermary

Roman roads were engineered to be reliable, durable and long lasting.

Many Roman roads remain in use today, nearly 2000 years after they were built.

Four Key Reasons Why People Choose Hermary:

Reliable and Durable

Hermary has been a successful business for over 25 years. Over this period, we have acquired considerable expertise in developing and applying 3D Machine Vision technology. With over 15,000 scanners installed worldwide, we are trusted by many to deliver real value to their manufacturing process. We proudly stand behind our products, providing long term support and legacy management. To this day, we still support our very first product.

Machine Vision Expertise

Hermary focuses on designing and manufacturing industrial Machine Vision technology. We work closely with solution providers to understand critical application challenges in order to optimize the benefits of our technology. Complexity and confusion are often associated with new technology. We understand the value of simplifying the installation and operation of 3D Machine Vision products.

Innovation & Technical Leadership

A key component of our business philosophy is creation of innovative products that provide new capabilities. Our product development programs are market driven; only after extensive research, consultation and analysis do we embark on a product design. By designing our products from the component level up, we are able to maintain complete design control. Hermary is recognized for introducing a number of industry changing innovations.

We are best known for delivering reliability and performance in demanding industrial environments.

Suite of Products

Hermary has a suite of Machine vision products that are creating real value in a wide range of industries and applications. Our products are capable of measuring in one, two or three dimensions and are often the enabling technology for the end solution. Installations tend to be the result of a team collaboration of industry experts and Hermary’s 3D Machine Vision application engineers.

Many industries remain unaware of the capabilities and benefits of 3D Machine Vision.